At Annapolis Dental Center we are committed to providing superior dental services with affordable payment plans designed to fit any budget. We believe that you should not have to choose between the dental health care you need and the dental health care you can afford. Annapolis Dental Center remains very sensitive to the balance between the benefit of treatment needs today and the cost associated with running an efficient dental practice.


Annapolis Dental Center accepts payment from all insurance companies. As a courtesy to our patients we will bill your insurance claim forms for you on the date of your service. However, we do not hold the insurance company responsible for payment of your bill. In order for us to bill your insurance carrier we must have accurate verification of the employer-employee relationship and coverage at the time of your visit. For larger treatment plans we are happy to provide an estimate of insurance coverage by way of a pre-determination to assist you with payment flexibility and budgeting. Resolution of estimated co-pay or patient portion must be arranged in advance of the treatment. In the case of larger treatment plans payment is often financially uncomfortable. Therefore, we have many options that offer flexibility for payment and we are committed to work with you to find an affordable solution. Please let us know how we can work within your budget to allow for payment for the treatment you need today as affordable as possible. For patient out of pocket expenses, Annapolis Dental Center offers the following options:

Interest Free (layaway plan for future treatment)

Interest Free Payment Plan (6 months interest free Care-Credit $500.00 minimum)


Insurance Preferred Provider

Annapolis Dental Center does not prescribe dental treatment based on your insurance coverage. Insurance was never designed to be an indicator of patient’s dental need. Insurance was always only designed as a form of payment. Annapolis Dental Center is a “Preferred Provider” for a great many dental insurance plans. Call our office today to see if yours is one of them!


Annapolis Dental Center understands that not every patient has access to dental insurance coverage. We realize that appropriate professional dental care is not an in-expensive proposition but that doesn’t mean it should be out of reach for anyone that needs and wants it. For those patients that do not have insurance coverage, Annapolis Dental Center has developed an option that is designed to make routine hygiene visits as well as any other treatment more comfortable and affordable.  We call it THE SMILE ADVANTAGE PLAN! The cost is $325.00 per year per patient. This fee includes 2 Standard or Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings, 2 Exams and ALL X-rays!  Patients that are enrolled in THE SMILE ADVANTAGE PLAN then are entitled to a 25% reduction off the customary fee for any other treatment.   Please call for details!

Other Special Considerations

Please check our “Special Offers” page to determine eligibility for current treatment specials.

Cash payment via check or cash always receives an 8% discount if over $1,500.00

Care Credit is available for 6 months at 0% (minimum $500.00) and offers affordable rates on payment plans greater than 6 months

We accept most major credit cards

We are always willing to work with you to develop pre-payment options at 0%

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