Annapolis Dental Center was founded by Dr. Kennedy R. Dele. Dr. Dele remains committed to a gentle and caring approach that focuses on esthetic beauty and the long lasting health of your smile. At Annapolis Dental Center we understand the connection between the health of your mouth to overall wellness and go to great lengths to provide the most comprehensive, advanced care available in a comfortable personalized environment.

The team at Annapolis Dental Center say that it is never too late to take the steps to eradicate past decay or trauma, rejuvenate your teeth and feel content, happy, and most of all confident with your smile.

You may know that you don’t like your smile but helping you realize what you are looking for in a new and improved one is the passion of Dr. Dele and his team.

Dr. Dele and his staff have as a core belief that every person can have a special and uniquely beautiful smile that enhances their appearance and demeanor. Through the use of the latest technology and a calming professional presence they will help you design and achieve the dream of your own signature “perfect smile”.

Dr. Dele skills have been sharpened by many hours of comprehensive, advanced post-graduate, hands on intensive clinical training in cosmetic dentistry and the latest techniques in all phases of general dentistry. Dr. Dele has an abiding belief that dentistry is a great way to reach individuals by way of discovery. Annapolis Dental Center believes that an accurate diagnoses is a joint effort. With your help the team will gather all the necessary information and work with you to develop a treatment strategy that will address your needs and preferences. This collaboration puts you in charge of your own dental health and allows you to feel relaxed, comfortable, and most of all confident in your treatment choices. The team takes great pride in a co-discovery process that educates, creates awareness, and allows them to advocate your health, confidence, and trust for a lifetime of dental care and wellness.